This is BROKEN SILENCE! We are an independent music distribution company, formed in 2004 and based in the center of Hamburg, specialized in CD, DVD, vinyl, digital distribution and merchandise articles.

Every week we offer new releases to our trade partners. We have an individual approach to every single release and we cooperate with very diverse trade partners. We are well versed with a lot of genres and know exactly how to place new releases from Indie, Pop, Rock, Wave, Electronic Music, Rock’n’Roll to Jazz, World Music, Ska Reggae and Cabaret and as well feature films on Blu-ray or DVD. Whether Media houses, markets or big chains, independent shops, online- and mail order specialists or sellers at festivals: every trade partner gets treated according to his individual characteristics. The music industry is constantly changing and evolves in varied directions and therefore we are all geared up for that. We adapt and evolve ourselves, review our structures and maintain our high standards – in Germany as well as with our international distribution partners. Our A&R department constantly is in touch with our suppliers, our sales team delivers to the retailers according to schedule and our own warehouse, directly affiliated to the office, is reliably handling stock receipts as well as outgoing goods and returns. Furthermore we offer our label partners the opportunity of an in-house promotion. All promotional activities take place on the basis of approved, already existing contacts as well as newly added ones. All of our employees and divisions are directly interconnected by our unique inventory management software.

In addition to the physical distribution we offer digital distribution to our label partners. This includes the precise evaluation of audio, video and streaming services like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and many others. A clear, transparent listing of all revenues is a matter of course to us.

We unite our clear identity as an indie distributor that knows how to handle trading cultures apart from the mainstream with a high order of professionalism and openness towards all cooperating partners. Fees for handling, hidden advertising surcharges at the end of a year or retention of margins in case of returns are not to be expected by any means. Moreover a monthly billing is not necessary – our labels always receive their sales statements automatically in form of a credit note at the beginning of the subsequent month.

Our greatly dedicated and reliably working team, which has grown to 18 employees in the last decade, forms a perfect mix of experienced long-time staff members and young, motivated colleagues full of indie spirit. We are united by good teamwork and our shared love for music.

Welcome to BROKEN SILENCE – we’re different!

© 2004 – 2017: BROKEN SILENCE Independent Distribution GmbH, Oberhafen-Kontor, Stadtdeich 27, 20097 Hamburg / Germany, Tel.: 040/32 52 85-0