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Barry Isaacs

Forward Up

2023 album from Barry Isaacs (also spelled as Issac), following previous albums on Twinkle Records, Music House Family, Reggae On Top, King Earthquake and Conscious Sounds. Barry Isaacs is an established roots reggae artist who is a feature of some of the biggest sound systems - Jah Shaka, Channel One etc. Here is a collection of 12 tuff songs backed by some of the biggest musicians in the business. Features legendary reggae trombonist Vin Gordon (Skatalites, Bob Marley) and Winston Reedy (The Cimarons).
Barry Isaacs - Forward Up - CD 26394 bei Broken Silence
CD 26394
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Room In The Sky



File underReggae
Tonträger1 CD
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LP 26382 Vinyl  
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1Father Bless Us
2Satta Massagana Tenaistilin
3Helping Hand
4Forward Up
5Do You Know
6Dread Natty Dread
7Noh Have No Love
8State Of Emergency
9God Helps
10Lion Has Prevail
11Behold The Conquering Lion
Room In The Sky
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