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1- SouTropical Guitar and bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan Synth - Alex Rose I wroteSouTropical for Tom Zé. A friendofmine, the singerToco, wasworking on an album withLuziaDvorek and askedme for a song. I wrote the song in an afternoon and alwaysimagined Tom Zé's voice all the waythrough. Luziasingsbeautifully and I thought the bridge in the middleof the songwouldsuither voice. Once I sent the song over to Toco I regretted it and ran to the studio to record it. When I recordedthissong, the Amazon was on fire and I added the line "there is blood in the maindish, there is fire in the arterialblood" in the track. The song starts withsomememoriesof my childhoodsuch as the parrotsmakingnoises at the topof palm trees and the jacarandawoodsofa at home, but it endstalkingabout the dark timesthat Brazil is going through at the moment. I love the brazilian western vibeof the bass! 2 - Pulsar Guitar and bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan Pulsar is a songthat makes mesmile. It'sabouthowsometimeswe come home and start looking for trouble for no reason. I wrote it when I was in Portugal afterlistening to a portuguese pop song on the radio. I wanted the song and the whistles to sound "cute", eventhoughthere is oneenglishsentence in the songthatsays "sometimes I want to cutoutyourthroat and blowupyourbrains". 3 - So Havewe Guitar and bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan I wanted to write a classic bossa nova songthat talks about love. I wanted to embrace the cliche and wrotesentencessuch as "love is builtbrick by brick". At the end of the day, bossa nova is verycliche and there is nothingwrongwith it! Then I mergedtwosongs in one. The long intro is anothersongcalled "Tranquility or Storm" that I recorded, butpreferred to remove the lyrics and keep it as a long intro. I askedTuca Milan ifshehadanything to replace my voice and sheplayed a weird instrument calledflexatone. Love the result! When I wrotethissong I sent it to the singer Nina Miranda (from Smoke City) and shesaid "wow! A classic bossa nova!". I'm a big fan of Nina and thatcommentmade my day! 4 - BurningFuel Guitar and Bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan Keyboards - Alex Rose I wanted to writesomethingmoredowntempothat sounds a bit like a trip hop track. The lyricsareaboutdrugs and I wrote it yearsagoafterseeingsomefriendsstrugglingwith it. I like the firstsentenceof the song "take a look, come closer, take a sniff ofme" and when I play with my friendstheyfind it weird - I love the different typesofreactions I get. 5 - Otário Guitar - Phill Stevenson Bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan Sax - Alex Rose Everything I sing in thissong is exaggerated: "my bonesaretired", "I have no patiencewith God", "I look like a sucker". Actually, manypeoplesay I sound like a womanwhen I sing and I alsoexaggeratedthis by singinghighnotes at the chorus. 6 - Tenedor Guitar - Phill Stevenson and Raf Vilar Bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan Keyboards - Alex Rose It's my firstsong in spanish. I used to be obsessedwithmexicansongswhen I wasteenager. Somepeoplemight not understand when I sing "comameconuntenedor" (eatmewith a fork), but it makes total sense to me! It's a love song and it should be fun! 7 - VergonhanaCara Guitar - Phill Stevenson Acousticguitar - Raf Vilar Bass - Ben Reed Percussion - Ursula "Tuca" Milan It's the oldestsong on the album. I wrote it when I wasveryyoungduring the carnival in Rio. The song is based on the quotesof the Bible and It's a typicalstreet samba. 8 - Clichê Guitar - Phill Stevenson Keyboards - Alex Rose There is nothingmoreclichethansinging "go away, don't go away". Thissong is about a couplethatmetrandomly in the streetsafter a long timeseparated. As everylatino person, I love telenovelas and they're a big inspiration whilewritingthistrack.
RAF VILAR - Cliché - CD 30291 bei Broken Silence
CD 30291
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1Sou Tropical
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