What does independence mean today? The signs stand for total globalization? Not with us!

BROKEN SILENCE as an independent music distributor with 250 connected labels is, from our point of view and in the opinion of many industry representatives, one of the very few genuine and authentic independent distributors in Germany. And we are very proud of that.

We guarantee: individual approach to every single publication (in the formats vinyl, CD, DVD, merch and digital via stream and download) and the cooperation with various trading partners worldwide.

We know exactly how new releases are sold. Whether independent retailers, media houses, markets or chains, online and mail-order specialists or festival sellers: every business partner is looked after by us according to its special characteristics.

Our mainly audiovisual, commercially trained team of 18 people is a healthy mixture of experienced and young colleagues with indie spirit. We combine good teamwork and the enthusiasm for special, well-made music.

The A & R department is in constant contact with the labels, our sales team supplies the trading partners according to plan and in our own warehouse directly connected to the office in the Oberhafen-Kontor we take care of all goods movements and logistics reliably.

As a service for our labels, we offer in-house promotion: We have over 2000 current media contacts, supplied with samples physically and digitally via MPN and Haulix.

We also administer for our labels the Neighbouring Rights.

BROKEN SILENCE DIGITAL is responsible for the use of audio and video services such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and many other independent providers since 2005.

Of course, the labels receive our sales statements (digital and physical) automatically at the beginning of each month in the form of a credit note:
• monthly payments without invoicing
• no handling charges
• no storage costs
• no advertising expenses at the end of the year
• no margin retention in the case of returns

BROKEN SILENCE – we're different!

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